Metro Students

Metro Early College Middle & High School announced the receipt of a major gift from philanthropist MacKenzie Scott. Thanks to Scott’s $2.5 million gift, Metro will expand its impact, preparing more Central Ohio students to excel in today’s growing career fields.

Scott’s philanthropy supports organizations that educate students from underserved communities, a cause where Metro has consistently demonstrated excellence since the school’s founding in 2006 as Ohio’s first science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) school. 

Students from over 20 area districts come to learn at Metro, with over 50% coming from Columbus City Schools. The school is tuition-free and prides itself on its diverse student body (63% non-white). Nearly all Metro students (84%) earn college credits before graduation.

“We are truly grateful and humbled by the recognition from Ms. Scott,” said Meka Pace, Superintendent of Metro. “This support helps us continue to offer students a life-changing education where they experience real-world STEM jobs and prepare to excel in college.” 

Despite the school’s success, Metro does not have access to local funding streams available to public school districts. Support from philanthropists like Mackenzie Scott and local business partners is essential in helping the school continue to sustain and expand its programs.

The project-based curriculum of Metro and the school’s focus on skill-building draws many families to apply each year. Metro’s current location on the west campus of The Ohio State University serves 6th-12th grade students. A new facility is under construction on the grounds of the historic Indianola Middle School, thanks to support from the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission, Battelle, The Ohio State University, and other partners. 

Families can contact Metro for a tour of the school. Organizations or individuals interested in supporting Metro can learn more here.