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What is PowerSchool?

Login Page: https://ps-metro.metasolutions.net/public

PowerSchool is our online student information system that helps you track your child's progress throughout the school year. We encourage parents to set up a PowerSchool account to keep up to date on student performance and be better equipped to help their child succeed.

In PowerSchool, parents are able to access the following for each of their children:

  • Grades and Attendance for the current semester

  • Grade history for previous semester grades

  • Attendance history

  • Teacher Comments

  • Fee balance (shows fee transactions for the year and balance due, if any)

  • My Calendars allows parents to subscribe to email progress reports

Instructions to Set Up a Parent PowerSchool Account:

  1. Go to https://ps-metro.metasolutions.net/public

  2. Click the Create Account tab

  3. Click Create Account

  4. Fill out the Parent Account Details section and set a UN and PW for yourself.

  5. Fill out the Link Students section with the Access ID and Access PW provided by the school. Select your relationship to the student.

  6. Click on Enter at the bottom of the page

  7. You'll see a message that a verification email has been sent. Click on the link emailed to you to verify your email address.

  8. Go back to https://ps-metro.metasolutions.net/public and use the UN and PW you selected to log in to your new account!

Adding New Student to Existing Account

If you have an existing Metro PowerSchool account and then have a new student enrolled with us, you can add them to your parent account following these steps:

  1. After signing in to the account, click Account Preferences on the left side menu

  2. Under Account Preferences, click on the Students tab

  3. Now click on the Add + button and complete the information requested.

Once your account is set up, you will be able to toggle between each of your students to view their information.  You will see a grid of your student’s classes, the teachers, and the current grades. Anything that’s in blue can be “clicked” on to see more detail. For instance, if you click on the grade for the class, you will get a list of the assignments and scores to date.

Students are provided with their own login information so they can monitor their progress.

Video Tutorial