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Student Registration

New and Returning Students

Parents for new and returning students are required to complete an online registration and pay the annual student fee by the start of each school year to remain enrolled at Metro.

The online registration is NOT the same as the Metro application, but replaces the paper forms parents typically complete as classes begin each year. It includes consent to the agreements listed below and uploading documents the school is required to have on file to comply with state law.

Families will receive the registration link and instructions by email.  As part of the process, you will be asked to provide the following documents if they are not already on file at Metro (provided a previous school year):

  • Proof of Residence - a copy of a utility bill, lease agreement or paycheck stub showing the parent's name and home address. An updated proof of residence is required every year.

  • Student Birth Certificate - only needs to be provided once, the first year the student is enrolled at Metro

  • Student Immunization Records - only needs to be provided the first year the student is enrolled at Metro and any time a new immunization is received.

  • Latest Report Card - requested for new students only

  • State Testing Reports - requested for new students only

As part of the online registration, parents and students will be asked to confirm agreement with the following (you will confirm online; please do not make paper copies of the forms to submit):


If you need assistance with the registration process, visit the troubleshooting topics page to find answers to frequently asked questions.

Next Steps After Completing Registration

A registration confirmation page will display once the registration is completed.  The confirmation page will provide next steps to complete the student's enrollment for the next school year.  Here is a summary of those next steps:

  • A copy can be printed or saved for parent/student records.

  • Make record of the student ID #, which will be needed when submitting payments online or creating parent accounts.

  • Pay student fees (will need the student ID # if paying online).

  • Complete your district's bus transportation registration (if applicable).

  • Complete a Free/Reduced Lunch form (if applicable).

  • If the student receives special services, send a copy of current documents (IEP, 504, ETR, English Language Learner) to our Intervention Team Coordinator, Lori Carter (carter@themetroschool.org).