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Metro Early College Programs

Early College Experiences (ECEs) are the "bridge" for Metro students transitioning from high school coursework to college-level work. Once students earn mastery in a minimum of 16-18 core high school classes (English, Math, Science, Social Studies, etc.) and successfully complete their Gateway presentation, they are eligible to apply to one of the ECE program options.

ECE Partnership

Early College Experiences

ECE's are designed to expose students to a college-level workload with the help of Metro instructors prepared to scaffold the process. Students benefit from enrollment in courses with a cohort of their peers, which allows for added support and collaboration through study groups. Participation gives students a clear advantage, as they acquire a toolbox of essential skills to succeed in a collegiate atmosphere. Our programs of study help students prepare to become 21st-century citizens in a global economy. 

In addition to college coursework, ECE students complete Capstone Research projects and Internships in collaboration with professionals in their fields of study. Students have opportunities to network and participate in cutting-edge research - sometimes leading to paid positions or extended internships. These real-world experiences set Metro students apart from their peers who are competing for admission to the same universities or applying for the same scholarships.

There are several ECE program options available, each focused on a different area of specialization. Students can select based on their career interests.





A STEM Early College Experience that integrates Biomedical technologies and college course work in Biology with a focus on health sciences.
Who? Students interested in studying Biology, Nursing, Biomedical or Health Sciences fields. Students must have Mastery in H.S. Biology & Chemistry.



A STEM Early College Experience that integrates engineering, digital electronics, automated systems, and robotics.
Who? Students interested in studying Math, Engineering, Engineering Technologies, Manufacturing, and Physics.




A STEM Early College experience that offers trans-disciplinary project-based instruction in all aspects of the food system: sustainability, production, transportation, consumption, and nutrition.
Who? Students interested in studying Agriculture, Nutrition, Communications, Business or Entrepreneurship.


Energy (12th grade only)

A STEM Early College Experience that explores careers in Environmental Science, Earth Science, Economics, Global Geography and Public Policy.
Who? Energy is reserved for seniors who have not completed another ECE.

Early College Coursework

College Coursework

Metro Early College High School students may apply for college coursework once set requirements are met. Students must complete the application process set by each higher education partner; application packets specific to Metro Schools will be made available each term.

2021-2022 Ohio State Metro Application Packet

2021-2022 Columbus State Metro Application Packet

Questions regarding college coursework can be directed to:

  • Misty Kemp, OSU Academic Advisor (kemp@themetroschool.org)

  • Corey Boyer, CSCC Advisor (boyer@themetroschool.org)

Columbus State Community College

The Ohio State University

Franklin University

College Credit Plus

Ohio’s College Credit Plus can help students earn college and high school credits at the same time by taking courses from community colleges or universities. The purpose of this program is to promote rigorous academic pursuits and to provide a wide variety of options to college-ready students. There is no cost to families for tuition, books or fees; those costs are taken care of by the school. If you choose to attend a private college or university, you may have limited costs. Click here for more information.