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Metro Early College High School is a small, public STEM high school open to students in Central Ohio. It is an early college program focused on problem-based learning with an emphasis on STEM learning practices (science, technology, engineering, and math). Initially serving students from 16 Franklin County school districts, Metro now serves students from 25 school districts.

Metro’s mission is turning college aspirations into reality through personal relevance, academic rigor, and transformative relationships. Students engage in a curriculum that allows them to complete high school coursework at an accelerated pace and access professional internships and college coursework before graduation.

Use the following link for an Informational Video of the High School Program

Use the following link for the Metro College Admissions Profile

Portrait of a Metro Graduate

High School Administration

Krista Miller, Principal

Krista Miller, Principal

Ben McKibben, Assistant Principal

Ben McKibben, Assistant Principal

Sharon Barclay

Sharon Barclay, Dean of Students

Ashley Leslie

Ashley Leslie, Dean of Students

Resources for Current Families

High School Schedules


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Graduation Requirements - Class of 2023 & Beyond

Students in the class of 2023 and beyond must meet the following minimum requirements set by the state of Ohio:

  1. 20 credits (academic & elective coursework)

  2. Two graduation seals (state and local seal options)

  3. A passing score in the Algebra 1 and English 2 End of Course Exam

Below is an explanation of each requirement, or click here for Metro's Graduation Requirement Presentation for an overview.

#1 Course Credits



Core Academic Courses:

  • 4 units of English

  • 4 units of Math (including Alg 2)

  • 3 units of Science

  • 4 units of Social Studies

Elective Courses: 

  • .5 credit Health, .5 credit Phys Ed.

  • 5 units of elective courses to include:

    Fine Arts, Economics/Financial Literacy, Foreign Language

Core Academic Courses:

  • 4 credits of English 

  • 4 credits of Math (including Alg 2)

  • 3 credits of Science 

  • 4 credits of Social Studies

  • Advisory (.25 credit/yr.)

  • Gateway, Capstone Project

  • Wellness (.5 credit health, .5 credit Physical Education)

Elective Courses:  (5 credits minimum)

Intro to Fine Arts, 3D Art, Financial Literacy, Mechatronics, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Foreign Language, additional academic courses.

College Coursework:

Classes scheduled each semester with a Metro college advisor once students complete the Gateway process.

#2 Graduation Seals

Students must earn at least two graduation seals showing college and career readiness; at least one must be a state seal.

State Seals:

  • Ohio Means Jobs Readiness Seal

  • Industry Recognized Credential Seal 

  • College-Ready Seal 

  • Military Enlistment Seal 

  • Citizenship Seal 

  • Science Seal 

  • Honors Diploma Seal 

  • Seal of Biliteracy 

  • Technology Seal 

Local Seals:

  • Community Service Seal 

  • Fine and Performing Arts Seal 

  • Student Engagement Seal

Honors Diploma Requirements:

  • Academic Honors

    • 3.5 GPA, 27 ACT/1280 SAT

    • 1 additional unit of Science (Physics/HBS)

    • 1 additional unit of Social Studies (any college level social science class)

    • 3 units of a world language, or no less than 2 units each of two world languages

  • STEM Honors

    • 3.5 GPA, 27 ACT/1280 SAT

    • Field Experience/Portfolio

    • 1 additional unit of Math 

    • 2 additional units of Advanced Science

    • 2 electives with a focus in STEM (

      Fundamentals of I.T, Mechatronics, Additional Math/Science courses)

    • 3 units of a world language, or no less than 2 units each of two world languages

#3 End of Course Exams

Students must earn a minimum score of 684 on the Algebra 1 and ELA 2 End of Course exam. Metro's average score is 716.

Students may qualify for additional state seals based on scores on the Science and Social Studies exams.