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Danyah Abdelqader
M.S. English Language Arts
Sana Ahmed
M.S. Math
Andy Allmandinger
Data Coordinator
614-259-6639 ext. x1338
Anthony Alston
Director of External Affairs
614-259-6639 ext. 1103
Claire Anthony
M.S. Principal
Trinity Arend
M.S. Art
614-259-6639 ext. 1317
Hadeel Atala
H.S. Computer Science
Marla Baker
H.S. Art
614-259-6639 ext. 1320
Sharon Barclay
H.S. Dean/Energy ECE Pathway
614-259-6639 ext. 1334
Olivia Barnett
H.S. Science
614-259-6639 ext. 1353
Mary Barton
M.S. Social Studies
614-259-6639 ext. 1348
Ebony Beckham
H.S. English Language Arts
614-259-6639 ext. 1324
Greg Behan
M.S. Wellness (Health/Phys Ed)
Trey Blackwell
H.S. Instructional Assistant
Corey Boyer
H.S. Counselor/CSCC Academic Advisor
614-259-6639 ext. 1212
Dana Brown
M.S. Math 
614-259-6639 ext. 1303
Mari  Burgett
Communications & Admissions
Metro Schools
614-259-6639 ext. 1101
Matthew Burns
H.S. English Language Arts
6714-259-6639 ext. 1313
Caleb Caldwell
H.S. Design ECE Pathway
Catherine Carey
M.S. Social Studies