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district bus transportation

School District Bus Information

During May & June, districts that provide busing to Metro need parents to complete the registration process. This allows districts to set bus routes over summer and have all students assigned to routes before school begins.

If you live in a district listed below and would like to take advantage of bus transportation, please follow the instructions as outlined. Registration should be completed by the date set by your district or before end of June (whichever comes first). Students not signed up for busing by the deadline will not be guaranteed busing in the fall.

Districts Currently Providing Bus to Metro: 

  • Columbus 

  • Groveport

  • Hilliard 

  • South-Western

When completing bus registration forms, please use your child's legal name as it appears on their birth certificate to avoid any issues with processing your request.

Bus Registration by District of Residence

Columbus City Schools

You only need to register for busing to Metro once. CCS will roll over bus registrations from year to year while you remain enrolled at Metro.

For new Metro students (or students who have not previously used the bus to Metro), a parent/guardian must register online before the end of June. Visit the Columbus City Schools website Charter and Non-Public Transportation  page and scroll down to the link to complete the online registration. The page includes a "how to" video should you need assistance. 

The student and parent legal name must be used when completing the registration to avoid issues matching students to their school enrollment. (Please note that our name may appear as "Columbus Metro" on the list of schools to choose from for busing.)

CCS will send parents notification of bus route assignment during summer. Registrations will be reviewed to determine if transportation can be provided. If deemed impractical (typically due to distance), you will receive a form offering Payment in Lieu of Transportation.

Groveport-Madison Local Schools

Registration for busing must be completed annually for new and returning students.

Parents must submit the form below along with proof of residence (a lease or mortgage statement or a current utility bill) to Peterman Transportation. 

Groveport District Bus Request

The bus pick-up/drop-off point can be different for morning and afternoon but must be the same Monday-Friday. For questions or to submit forms, contact busstoprequest@petermannbus.com

Hilliard City Schools

Registration for busing must be completed annually for new and returning students.

Parents/Guardians should visit the district website at https://www.hilliardschools.org/bus-request/ and complete a Non-Public School Transportation form. Once your registration is received, district staff will review information and determine if transportation can be provided or if it will be impractical.

Routing schedules will be available online once complete. Parents can find their child's bus route online at: https://www.hilliardschools.org/BusStop/ 

If deemed impractical, you will receive a form offering Payment in Lieu of Transportation. Please sign the form and return upon receipt.

South-Western City Schools

Returning students will be sent transportation re-enrollment letters which must be returned to Metro by June along with a current proof of residence (ex: utility bill showing the address and parent name).

New families (or student not previously riding the SWCS bus) must complete the form below and return it to Metro by June 1 with a current proof of residence.

2022 South-Western City Schools Bus Request

If you live with a friend/family member, please submit a Residency Affidavit to confirm you qualify for busing with SWCS.

Questions About Bus Registration?

Contact your district transportation office.

If you live in a district that does not provide a bus, you may inquire about the availability of payment in lieu of transportation.