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Alumni Tailgate September 30, 2022

Members of all graduating classes are invited to join us for the first ever Metro Alumni Tailgate Party during Ohio State's Homecoming Weekend!

Friday, September 30 at 5pm at Metro (1929 Kenny Road)

Catch up with old classmates and enjoy tailgate food! Your response is needed in advance to help us with planning. Please take a moment to RSVP using the link below. If you have contact with other alumni, invite them to come!

Let us know if you'll attend: Alumni Tailgate RSVP

Alumni Tailgate August 30

Alumni News

Miles Marchese

Making Good on a Promise

Before his graduation in 2016, Miles Marchese shared his dream of becoming a police officer with a Metro teacher. As a student at an early college high school, he anticipated disappointment at the fact his plans did not involve enrollment at four year university. Instead, he received a challenge: "The next time you come into this building, I expect to see you in uniform."

Challenge accepted.

In September of 2022, Officer Marchese stopped by Metro to make good on his promise, proving there are many paths to success for graduates of Metro Early College High School.

Quentin & Andrea Pruneau

Pruneu Family Establishes Alumni Scholarship

In 2021, the Pruneau family decided to share some of the blessings they have received from the construction industry by establishing a scholarship through the Builders' Exchange Foundation. While the construction culture has become more inclusive over the years, the Pruneau Family Scholarship is intended to assist and attract a more diverse population of future professionals to the industry. Priority consideration for the scholarship will be given to applicants who are graduating seniors or graduates of Metro Early College High School and are African American and/or female.

Quentin Pruneau is a member of Metro's class of 2015.

Electrion Team

Metro Siblings Create Mobile Energy Solutions

Jacob Buaful (class of 2017) and his brother Caleb (class of 2018) worked with two additional OSU engineering students to create a start-up called Electrion. The entrepreneurial group researched and worked on solutions to mobile energy needs, and the result is a company that provides turnkey mobile energy storage services and solutions.

Jacob shared, "Clean mobile energy is costly in the consumer market and automotive companies pay high prices to recycle batteries with high usable capabilities. Electrion creates a synergy by presenting a cost-effective and sustainable option to several spaces by repurposing second-life automotive battery packs."

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