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Lucy Sessa
ELL/Senior Communications
Metro Schools
Vipul Singhal
H.S. Student Support
Hanna Skinner
M.S. Math
614-259-6639 ext. 1301
Kim Slagle
Instructional & Administrative Aide
Angy Swain
H.S. Wellness (Health/Phys Ed)
614-259-6639 ext. 1322
Alexander Talib
H.S. Social Studies
614-259-6639 ext. 1341
Cathy Welly
School Nurse
614-259-6639 ext. 1220
Stephen Westwood
M.S. Science/Engineering
614-259-6639 ext. 1315
Annette Whalen
Information Technology Manager
Metro Schools
Kate Whalen
Technology Support
Stephen Whitt
M.S. Math
Teresa Wright
M.S. English Language Arts
614-259-6639 ext. 1307
Taylor Zapolnik
M.S. English Language Arts
614-259-6639 ext. 1316