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Macy Marshall
M.S. Instructional Assistant
Warren  Marshall
H.S. Foreign Language Coord.
614-259-6639 ext. 1218
James Matthews
H.S. Math
Olivia Matthews
Building Substitute
Ashlie McGinnis
H.S. English Language Arts
614-259-6639 ext. 1347
Benjamin McKibben
H.S. Assistant Principal
614-259-6639 ext. 1314
Krista Miller
H.S. Principal
Cory  Neugebauer
Special Projects Coord.
Metro Schools
614-259-6639 ext. 1209
Meka  Pace
Metro Schools
Leon  Porter
Technology Support
Metro Schools
Sarah Puthoff
M.S. Social Studies
Erika Reeves
H.S. Bodies ECE Pathway
614-259-6639 ext. 1342
Kara Reinhardt
M.S. Math
Verenice  Rivera
M.S. Intervention Specialist
614-259-6639 ext. 1302
Doug Roberts
H.S. Math
614-259-6639 ext. 1344
Erik Rothacker
H.S. Science
614-259-6639 ext. 1345
Ashley Sander
H.S. English Language Arts
614-259-6639 ext. 1346
Rashmi Singh
H.S. Math
Vipul Singhal
H.S. Student Support
Hanna Skinner
M.S. Math
614-259-6639 ext. 1301