Congratulations to 7th grader Hana Fathima on her 3rd place finish at the Regional Spelling Bee Saturday at Ohio University! Hana was among 51 students in the competition. Great j-o-b!
3 days ago, The Metro Schools
Hana at Regional Spelling Bee
Congratulations to Senior Dema Wali on her signing ceremony! Dema will be playing soccer at Otterbein University.
7 days ago, The Metro Schools
Dema Wali signs with Otterbein
The "Mindful March" calendar (from Action for Happiness) is filled with ways to take good care of yourself this month.
29 days ago, The Metro Schools
Mindful March Calendar
Superintendent Meka Pace and Director of External Affairs Anthony Alston accompanied students to the Ohio Statehouse to seek support for OAISS, the Ohio Alliance of Independent STEM Schools. Students met with local Representatives Bird, Blessing, Manning, Willis, and Johnson.
about 1 month ago, The Metro Schools
Rep. Luis Blessing
Rep. Gayle Manning
Rep. Barnard Willis
Rep. Mark Johnson
Chris Suel, Regional Community Development Manager at Meta, and the Code Remix team partnered with Metro computer science teacher Hadeel Atala to give students an opportunity to create music through coding.
about 1 month ago, The Metro Schools
Code Remix and Meta at Metro
Metro welcomed Ohio House Minority Leader Allison Russo to hear from staff and students about the benefits of STEM education.
about 1 month ago, The Metro Schools
Allison Russo and students
Minority Leader Russo
Hands-On Learning: Bodies pathway students use cow bones to learn proper procedures for dissection in Anatomy class.
about 1 month ago, The Metro Schools
Cow bone dissection
Biology classes use Chalk Talk protocols to study genetics and heredity. (For a Chalk Talk, students respond to open-ended questions in writing on a shared space to demonstrate their understanding of the topic.)
about 1 month ago, The Metro Schools
Biology activity
Genetics & Heredity
Chalk Talk
Biology student
State Senator Bill DeMora heard from students about their experiences and reflections on the Metro program during an on-site visit today.
about 2 months ago, The Metro Schools
Senator DeMora
Students enjoyed the opportunity to interact with presenters and the tools of their trade during Career Day!
about 2 months ago, The Metro Schools
Middle school presentation
Medical presentation
Pest control presentation
Career Day
Thanks to all the presenters who joined us for Career Day. Our students learned much from your expertise and experiences!
about 2 months ago, The Metro Schools
Career Day presentation
Community partner
Police officer
Several Metro parents and former students were among the professionals who shared their career journey with students today.
about 2 months ago, The Metro Schools
Metro parent - nursing
Metro alumnus - construction
Metro parent - technology
Community partners and Metro parents get ready to share their insight with students during Career Day.
about 2 months ago, The Metro Schools
career day presenters
getting ready for presentations
"How far will it go?" Physics students conduct a lab to compare the time and distance it takes a ball to land based on changes in the angle of projection.
about 2 months ago, The Metro Schools
Projecting balls for lab
Ready to launch
Measuring distance and time
Simple acts of kindness have positive impact on others beyond what we may realize! The Action for Happiness "Friendly February" calendar is full of ways you can make a difference every day.
about 2 months ago, The Metro Schools
February Action for Happiness Calendar
Metro students traveled to Washington DC this week to participate in a civic engagement program hosted by Close Up, thanks to funding from Johnson & Johnson.
2 months ago, The Metro Schools
Students in Washington DC
Civic Engagement Program
Students showcase their creations of 3D Art projects and Wearable Technology hats as J-Term classes wrap up. The All About India class enjoyed Indian fashion and cuisine, and students learned about the parts and functions of the heart in the Things Large & Small class.
2 months ago, The Metro Schools
3D Art body cast
Wearable Technology hats
All About Indian
Heart Dissection
J-Term Creativity: Students in the "Wearable Technology" class use soldering and sewing skills to create light-up hats. The H.S. Entrepreneurship class uses collaboration and communication skills to plan and present new product ideas.
3 months ago, The Metro Schools
Wearable Technology
Business planning
Business presentations
The M.S. "Got Skills?" J-Term class practice listening, collaboration, and following directions by making a recipe for play dough. Students in the "BioMaker Hand" class collaborate to program a robotic hand for movement.
3 months ago, The Metro Schools
Got Skills Class
BioMaker Hand Class
J-Term brings new courses and experiences, including dissections in the "Things Large & Small" class and character creation as part of a writing project in the "I'm Booked" class.
3 months ago, The Metro Schools
Creative Writing