Schedule Change

Metro students will be working from home on Monday, October 11 and Wednesday, October 13.

Monday, October 11: Asynchronous ("offline") Work Day
This is a change to our posted school calendar. On Monday, students will log in for attendance with their Advisory teacher at 8:00am and discuss their plan for the day. After the check-in, they will have the rest of the school day to remediate work or complete assignments due for any of their classes. Any resources needed will be available on Schoology. Please note that staff will also be off site and the Metro building will be closed.

Wednesday, October 13: Virtual Day for the PSAT
Metro will administer the PSAT to all 11th graders on Wednesday, October 13. Juniors should report to Metro by 8:00am and will be dismissed at the end of testing; they will be excused from their regular Metro classes for the day. To allow for the proper testing environment, all other students are to remain home and log in for classes following the regular virtual day schedule. Parents can view the Virtual Day schedules & instructions here.