Convergint Technologies Staff

Metro Schools benefited from the expertise of employees from Convergint Technologies during their annual STEP Up for Schools volunteer day June 18. This marks the 20th year Convergint closed their offices for a day to allow more than 3,400 employees to volunteer their time and talents to benefit schools across the country.

Among the many tasks performed, Convergint's employees installed upgrades to Metro's school security system, part of their free school safety and security checklist and public service school security initiative. Convergint experts audit security at thousands of schools each year and maintain ongoing community efforts to address security issues. 

"We are thrilled to have the expert help of Convergint Technologies staff," said Metro Superintendent Meka Pace. "Their contribution to Metro Schools will go a very long way in helping us be better prepared for the return of students in the fall. We can't thank them enough for all of their work!"

For more information about Convergint Technologies' Social Responsibility and STEP Up (Secure, Train, Educate and Protect) initiatives, go to