Former Indianola M.S. Building

The Ohio State University is partnering with Battelle and Metro Schools to remake an empty school building and give local children a focused STEM education.

Pending Ohio State Board of Trustees approval, the university will lease the property and Battelle will provide funding to renovate the historic former Indianola Middle School at 420 E. 19th Ave. Under a ground-lease, Metro Schools would operate the building as a middle and high school, adding a second location to its portfolio for a public STEM school – science, technology, engineering and math.

“This is a wonderful opportunity for the university to partner with the State of Ohio, Battelle and Metro Schools to reopen a beautiful building near our own campus and invest in the future of STEM,” said Jay Kasey, senior vice president, Ohio State’s Office of Administration and Planning. “Ohio State looks forward to continuing to work with neighborhood representatives to bring this positive addition to the University District.”

Metro’s Kenny Road location will become an elementary school after the Indianola building is renovated and opened in 2024.

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