Student Working on iPad

September 13 is our first virtual day of the year. On virtual days, students will log in for classes from home instead of reporting to school. Attendance is taken as any regular school day, so students should be logged in and engaged for each class period.

There are two "kinds" of virtual days:

1. Scheduled - These days are noted on the school calendar and allow us to conduct classes in the morning and engage staff in professional development in the afternoon. For these virtual days, classes begin at 8:00am as usual.

2. Snow Days - In the event of adverse weather conditions, we will conduct classes online rather than in person. These "calamity day" virtual days will be announced by email, phone call and on our website and will begin an hour later (9:00am) to allow families time to adjust to the "change of plan."

See the link below for virtual day information, including steps to take should your child need assistance logging on for classes.

Virtual Day Presentation for Parents