Music production class

Preparations are underway for Metro's annual J-Term, which will be from January 17 - 30, 2024. J-Term is a unique two-week program that brings together community partners and educators to offer a diverse range of classes that transcend standard curricula. The program is designed to challenge students by connecting academic concepts with practical, hands-on applications.

In recent years, high school students have explored subjects like Ballroom Dancing, Drone Flight, and Diverse Architecture Explorations. Middle school students have created electrical gadgets, recorded podcasts, and solved societal problems. The program's flexibility allows guest instructors to engage with students for varying lengths of time, catering to our partner's schedules and interests.

J-Term is a vital part of Metro's commitment to STEM and mastery learning, and it transforms the school into a hub of discovery where students are not only learners but emerging thinkers, innovators, and creators. The program is a movement toward a future where learning is interactive, dynamic, and deeply connected to the community.

As we approach this year's J-Term, we are excited to engage in new coursework in collaboration with parents, education partners and area businesses. You're invited to join us in celebrating the pursuit of excellence at Metro by serving as a guest speaker or instructor.

Should you have an area of expertise you would like to share, contact Metro's Director of External Affairs Anthony Alston ( for more information, and stay tuned as we share exciting stories from J-Term 2024.