Metro is a shining example of academic excellence and a pathway to higher education, especially at The Ohio State University. Despite a modest high school enrollment of under 600 students, Metro's representation at OSU is impressive. Of the 128 seniors in the class of 2023, 54 are starting their college journey at OSU. This means Metro has an enrollment rate of 42.2%, which is higher than other schools in the state.

When compared to other Central Ohio high schools, the Metro achievement narrative becomes more impressive. For example, Dublin Jerome HS, ranked #2 on the list of schools sending the most first-year students to OSU this fall, had 129 graduates enroll at students, for a 30% enrollment rate. Similarly, Olentangy Liberty HS had 93 seniors enroll at OSU, which translates to an enrollment rate of about 18%. 

Metro's approach to education is innovative and different from traditional methods. Instead of offering AP or IB courses, Metro focuses on Early College Experiences (ECEs) that prepare students for college-level work. This approach strongly emphasizes STEM and critical thinking, which helps students achieve academic excellence at both the high school and college level.

As the Director of External Affairs at MECHS, it is fascinating to witness our students' transition from the nurturing ecosystem of Metro to OSU's challenging environment. The numbers substantiate Metro's mission of turning college aspirations into reality and convey a resounding message across Ohio's educational landscape about the unlimited potential in small, independent STEM schools. 

In a world where larger institutions are often perceived as better, Metro disrupts this norm by providing a robust pathway from high school to college. The journey of students from Metro to The Ohio State University exemplifies the profound impact of a nurturing, personalized educational experience and highlights the vast potential available to all educational systems, irrespective of their size, to cultivate the next generation of scholars.