Welcome Message from the Superintendent

Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year! We hope that summer has been relaxing and that you had time to connect with family and friends.

We are excited to welcome the students and parents of MIT to the Kenny Rd. campus.  With the merger of the two campuses, Metro has added space at the PAST Foundation and at Livingston Seed (830 Kinnear Rd). Most classes for 9th& 10th grades will remain at Metro and PAST. 

The Livingston Seed building will provide Metro with about 78,000 more sq. ft in the Kenny/Kinnear corridor. We hope to begin a buildout of the warehouses in January 2020.  In the interim, we will use the front office space of the Seed building (about 5,400 sq. ft) for swing space while the warehouses are under construction.  Occupancy of the front space should occur in the coming weeks.  

We are happy to welcome new staff to Metro, which includes a mix of new and seasoned teachers who have decided to join our community. In addition, we will have a new food vendor. The new meals will provide better quality food and larger portions for our growing students.     

As an added security measure, you will see Ms. Stephenie in the front lobby space.  She will be the first point of contact and will be happy to assist with your needs. We ask for your patience during the pick-up and drop off times.  Remember, the process may not be the most convenient for you, but it is safest for your student.  

This is an exciting time for Metro Schools! We are asking for your support and cooperation during our growing pains and look forward to all that the new school year has to offer.

Best Regards,

Meka Pace

Superintendent of Metro Schools