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Our vision is to provide a small and intellectually vibrant learning community designed to serve students who want a personalized learning experience that prepares them for a connected world where math, science, and technology are vitally important. All Metro students engage in a personally relevant and academically rigorous curriculum within a safe and trusting environment.

Metro has a holistic approach to educating students—focusing on cognitive, social, emotional and physical development through experiential learning, service learning, and family and community support. 


Our mission is to have all members of the Metro community seek to improve their practice of the Metro Habits of Heart and Mind.

  1. Effective Communicator: I can communicate my ideas clearly and can reflectively consider others' ideas, even when those ideas are different from my own.

  2. Critical Thinker: I can be a creative thinker, approaching new and perplexing problems with positive energy, uniqueness of thought, drawing from my own experiences and prior knowledge.

  3. Effective Collaborator: I can work independently and as a contributing member of a team, accepting and reacting to improve myself based on feedback and critique, and demonstrating compassion and honesty in all interactions with others.

  4. Engaged Learner: I can exhibit persistence, sustaining a problem-solving process over time while remaining focused and producing multiple drafts, to achieve success.

  5. Inquiring Learner: I can be an inquisitive thinker, not only asking questions, but acting on those questions to discover the answers, accepting confusion, uncertainty, and the risk of failure as part of the process.

  6. Active & Responsible Decision-Maker: I can make decisions rationally and purposefully, considering all available alternatives in order to find the best possible course of action.


Metro is guided by the Ten Common Principles of the Coalition of Essential Schools. These 10 principles are inspiring high school redesign across the nation. The Ten Common Principles are:

  1. The school’s central intellectual purpose is helping students to use their minds well.

  2. An essential body of knowledge, skills and dispositions will be identified for student mastery.

  3. The school’s goals apply to all students.

  4. The school will be highly personalized.

  5. A governing practical metaphor will be “student-as-worker, teacher-as-coach.”

  6. Teaching and learning will be documented by student performance on real tasks.

  7. The tone of the school will be one of trust and decency.

  8. The principal and teachers will act as generalists first and specialists second.

  9. Resources will be modest and therefore positioned toward teaching and learning.

  10. The school will emphasize democratic, fair and equitable practices.