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Straight A Grant

In 2010, more than 23,000 kids dropped out of Ohio schools. Not only are we as a state struggling to provide an environment where every student graduates with a high school diploma, we are also not retaining those graduates in post secondary programs. Therefore, we are struggling to maintain a pipeline of career ready individuals.

The first year college experience and retention rate, especially for minority and lower income students, improves by an average of 19.2% when students enter college with some college credit. Metro has done well providing and sustaining a model of acceleration for 85% of our students. However, this model has missed 15% of the most at risk students who are not able to access college coursework before leaving high school. It takes them a full four years to complete their high school requirements. Annually, Metro must provide 746 recovery courses which equates to roughly 6.0 regular full time teachers and approximately $368,730 in staff appropriations. This pattern of remediation keeps 15% of the student population from accessing college coursework before graduating high school and requires increasingly high instructional expenditures.

In order for Metro to fully achieve its goal of college access for all, the school must shift remediation practices from teacher directed intervention to a blended learning model which will more individualize remediation and decrease overall operating costs.

End of Year One Reporting 2015 – Student Data

Total estimated number of students impacted:

  • Grant Year = 490

  • Year One = 590

  • Year Two = 700

  • Year Three = 700

  • Year Four = 700

Students were impacted by better instructional strategies, better assessment strategies and differentiated assignments to reach students within their zone. A more fluid-learning environment was created that allowed for immediate remediation. This would provide more timely support for students and give access to around the clock remediation.

End of Year One Reporting 2015 – Teacher Data

Total number of teachers receiving training or professional development as a result of this project:

  • Grant Year = 41

  • Year One = 42

The total number of teachers earning additional credentials (graduate degree, national education credentials, certification, etc.)

  • Grant Year = 0

  • Year One = 2

Summary of Recovery Enrollment 2013-2016