How do I make a donation to the Metro annual fund?

  1. Visit the Columbus Foundation to make your donation online.

  2. Contact Anthony Alston, Director of External Affairs ( for additional options.

Gifts are tax-deductible and donors will be gratefully acknowledged in Metro’s Annual Report, available in the fall of the following year.

Why does Metro need an annual fund?
The funds that Metro receives from the State of Ohio and the support from our founding partners at The Ohio State University and Battelle Memorial Institute do not cover the full cost of a Metro student’s education. We rely on the support of corporations, foundations, and the Metro community to fill the funding gap between revenue and operating costs. Metro receives no community-levied taxes.

The Metro model provides state-of-the-art STEM education to each student. The success of the model depends on the willingness of each member of our community to become a supporting partner. In 2014, Metro received 501(c)(3) status from the Internal Revenue Service, thereby expanding the sources from which the school is qualified to seek funding.

Why does my participation matter?
When applying for grants and sponsorships, Metro is asked by corporations and foundations to report the percentage of participation in the Annual Fund by various members of our community, including alumni, parents, and other benefactors. Therefore your gift, no matter the amount, helps to secure other funding for the school. The higher the participation rate, the greater the funding, thereby increasing the leverage of each dollar donated. Every gift truly does matter.

Why support Metro?
Metro’s unique model of secondary education strives to serve a diverse population, to establish the standards of mastery in academic subjects, and to expose students to applied learning centers in Energy, Design, Bodies, and Growth. Students participate in hands-on experiences with professionals in the field through internships and capstone research projects. “Early College” includes an understanding of what achievement in college-level work requires. Metro graduates make informed decisions about financing a college education and selecting a major based on the skills that science, business, and industry demand.

If you have an idea of how Metro can better serve the community or would like to discuss ways to partner with us, contact Anthony Alston (