One of the most important steps juniors can take now is registering for college entrance exams:

It is recommended that each student take both tests before the end of this year.
Doing this will enable you to determine your strongest test. Most schools will accept either test. Also, staff at those highly selective schools may want to see SAT Subject test scores in two to three of your strongest subjects. Start taking those tests this spring too! Register NOW so that you don’t get closed out of your preferred testing site! Don’t wait!

You can register online at: or

When you register to take tests, make sure to include any colleges you may be interested in applying to later. It’s free to send scores to 4 colleges before the test, but will cost about $10 per score report if you request these after the test. Most colleges want scores to be reported directly from test companies!

Metro’s School Code: 365-204

Students with an IEP or 504 plan
If you have an IEP or 504 plan and qualify for testing accommodations at Metro, please see your Intervention Specialist to apply for ACT/SAT accommodations ASAP!

Fee Waivers for ACT & SAT
If you have qualified for Free or Reduced lunch, you may use at least one fee waiver per test. Please see Ms. Mechling or the Student Support Center ASAP for more information!

*If you qualify for Free or Reduced lunch, you are also eligible for college application fee waivers during your senior year. You should fill out the lunch application each year.