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يرجى النقر على كلمة "الإنجليزية" في الزاوية اليمنى العليا من هذه الصفحة لتحديد لغة مختلفة

Fadlan dhagsii erayga "Ingiriis" ee geeska kore ee midig ee boggan si aad u doorato luqad kala duwan

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Building and Safety Protocols:

  • Students should bring refillable water bottles with them for the day. Water fountains will not be in use, but water bottle refill stations will be available.

  • Students must wear a mask while on the bus and throughout the school day unless given express permission by an adult to take a "mask break." See below for Mask Policy.

  • Visitors must have an appointment to enter the building.

  • Lunches must be packed and sent in with students or bought within the building. No outside food drop-offs/deliveries will be permitted.

  • Families picking up students during school hours will not be permitted to enter the building. Please come to the Kenny Road doors and hold up a photo ID to sign a student out early. Individuals picking up will then remain in their vehicle and students will exit to them.

Recommended Supplies for Students in Hybrid:

  • Mask

  • Headphones

  • Personal hand sanitizer

  • Personal water bottle

  • Standard school supplies including fully-charged iPad, pencils, notebooks, and folders.

Mask Policy: 


  • School districts that provide busing will communicate with families of registered students about expectations, pick up, and drop off times.

  • Students must follow any additional home district guidelines for wearing a mask while riding the bus.


Arrival Procedure:

  • COVID-19 Symptoms Survey will be taken daily in PowerSchool prior to staff & students coming into the building. The survey is linked here.

  • Families are expected to follow Franklin County Public Health Department protocols for COVID-19 symptoms. See infographic with expectations linked here

  • Students who are car riders may enter the building starting at 7:30 a.m. Car riders must enter using the Kinnear or Kenny Road doors; staff will check for PowerSchool survey completion & answers. Students may be randomly screened for temperature checks. 

  • Students who are bus riders must enter using the back door; staff will check for PowerSchool survey completion & answers. Students may be randomly screened for temperature checks.

  • Upon entering the building, all students must either wash their hands or use hand sanitizer.

  • Students will go directly to their first class period of the day.

  • Car riders who arrive with a temperature will not be allowed in the building. Bus riders arriving at the building with a temperature over 100.4℉ will be required to call a parent/guardian for immediate pick up and will remain in isolation until their ride arrives. 


  • Students eating breakfast in the building will pick up a pre-packaged breakfast and move to their assigned classroom/space to eat.

  • Students will use hand sanitizer or wash their hands before eating. 

Classroom Structures:

  • Students will carry their supplies, backpacks, lunch, outerwear, etc., with them throughout the day.

  • Students will sit socially-distanced between 3 - 6 feet apart in assigned seats.

  • Only one student may be out of their seat in the room at a time.

  • Shared materials will be sanitized after each use.

  • Masks must be worn at all times, even when behind dividers, unless given permission by an adult to remove it.

  • Teachers will use tape to indicate where within the classroom students may or may not stand.

  • Movement patterns for students will be indicated on the floor of the classroom.

  • Expectations for masks, raising hands, and movement will be clearly posted in each room to reinforce directions.

  • At the end of each class period, students will help wipe down their workspace and chair before they leave the classroom. 

Class Changes:

  • Students will walk following designated pathways in the hallways. Arrows will be created on the ground and teachers will assist with prompting students regarding these expectations.

  • Vinyl marking circles will be placed on the ground to indicate where students should stand as they wait for the classroom to be empty.

  • Students will stay 3 - 6 feet apart as they transition. Teachers and administrators will help enforce this.

  • Students may not use the restroom between classes. They must first check-in with the period teacher. 

Restroom Usage:

  • One student out of the classrooms at a time.

  • If there are more than 2 students in the boy’s bathroom or 3 students in the girl’s bathroom, additional students will need to wait outside on the marking circles.

  • Staff will assist in monitoring restrooms for social-distancing.

  • No physical bathroom passes will be used. 


  • MS students will eat socially-distanced, 3 - 6 feet apart, in the open space during lunch and will have dividers. HS students will eat 6 feet apart with dividers.

  • Students will have assigned lunch seats that they are required to sit at daily.

  • Students must have permission to get up from their seats for any reason.

  • Students will use hand sanitizer before picking up and eating lunch.

  • Prepackaged lunches will be distributed and students are to eat in their assigned areas.


  • Students will remain in cohorts designated by staff.

  • Students will have a cordoned off area to interact with peers.

  • Students will wear masks during recess.

  • There will be limited equipment at use during recess.

  • Any recess equipment used will be properly cleaned/sanitized prior to use by the next cohort.

Water Fountains:

  • Water fountains will not be in use.

  • Students must bring water bottles for use throughout the school day.

  • Water bottles may be filled at bottle-filling stations. Students will be directed to sanitize before and after using the bottle-filling station.

Visitors to the Building:

  • Visitors with scheduled appointments must wear masks upon entering the building.

  • Visitors will have their temperatures taken and will complete a survey answering the same questions found in the COVID-19 Symptoms Survey that staff & students take daily.

  • Visitors are expected to comply with all COVID-19 safety protocols within the building. 


  • Students will wipe down their desk and divider and place the divider in the class period storage area.

  • Students waiting for their rides, whether buses or cars, will wait socially-distanced using markings on the sidewalk.

  • Dismissal will occur in groups (bus riders/car riders) in order to limit the number of students in the hallways at one time.

After School Care:

  • During Aftercare, students and staff will follow the same expectations that are being used throughout the school day.


Exhibiting COVID-19 Symptoms While at School:

  • If a student starts to exhibit COVID-19 symptoms during the school day, parents/guardians will be called immediately to pick up the student.

  • The student will wait in the quarantine tent until a parent arrives.

  • In order to return to school, students & families must follow the expectations put in place by the Franklin County Public Health Department. See infographic with expectations linked here

Notifying Families of Positive COVID Cases within School Community:

  • If there is a confirmed COVID case among in-person students or staff, email correspondence will be sent out to all students and staff affected, as identified by Franklin County Public Health Department protocols for COVID-19 contact tracing.

  • Infected students or staff may be required to self-quarantine for a 10 - 14 day period depending on when symptoms are suspected to have begun. 

Travel to a Location on the OH COVID-19 Travel Advisory List:

  • Please refer to the OH COVID-19 Travel Advisory when traveling out of state. Based on where you travel, it may be necessary to quarantine for 14 days before returning to school.

Reporting Protocol for Positive Cases:

  • Confirmed COVID-19 test results for students and staff must be shared with the building leader. Positive test results will be shared with the Franklin County Board of Health.


  • Students will clean their dividers, desks, and chairs at the end of each period prior to attending the next class.

  • Students will receive direct instruction on how to clean their dividers, desks, and chairs.

  • Professional cleaning will be conducted daily with frequent cleaning / sanitizing of high contact surface areas.

  • Wednesdays, the day between cohorts, will be used to do additional cleaning / disinfecting.