College Coursework

Early College Experiences are the “bridge” for Metro students moving from high school coursework to college-level coursework. They are designed to ease students into taking college classes with added support from Metro instructors, while providing opportunities to explore different fields of study (i.e. possible majors and/or career paths). Once students have attained Mastery in 16 to 18 of the core Metro courses (English, Math, Science, Social Studies, etc.), and successfully completed their Gateway Presentation, they are eligible to apply to The Ohio State University, Columbus State Community College or Franklin University to begin taking college-level coursework.

Early College Experiences (ECEs) combine college coursework and high school coursework that focus on a particular area of study and lead to a culminating Capstone Research project.

Capstone Research projects and Internships are completed in collaboration with professionals and leaders in their fields of study, and provide students with opportunities to network and participate in cutting-edge research, sometimes leading to paid positions or extended internships. These opportunities set the Metro Early College High School students apart from their peers who are competing for admission to the same universities or applying for the same scholarships.

Students entering their third year at Metro Early College High School (Juniors) typically participate in year-long Early College Experiences. You can read more about the ECE program options here