Technology Liability Agreement

Parents and students are required to agree to Metro's Technology Liability Agreement each year during registration. A downloadable copy of this policy is located in the left Related Documents area of this web page. The content of the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) is provided on this web page to review for agreement through our registrations system.

Because we value the use of technology in education, Metro Schools provide a One-to-One Laptop program. Metro students will be assigned either an iPad or a MacBook Air. The annual student fee covers the cost of the computer’s operation for the year, including the manufacturer’s warranty, software/hardware upgrades, and necessary maintenance. It does NOT cover damage or loss.

By accepting the liability agreement through the registration process, you agree to assume full liability, including financial responsibility, for the device, accessories, and software assigned to your student as a part of Metro’s One-to-One Laptop Program. This agreement does not permit the use/loan of the school device to others. The device remains the property of Metro Schools and is to be returned at the end of the school year. Failure to do so will result in an invoice for the full amount of its replacement.

The student and parents/guardians agree to safeguard and take good care of the equipment to avoid any theft or damage. The student and parents/guardians will promptly report any loss, damage or problems with the equipment to Metro. Damaged, lost, or stolen equipment will be fixed or replaced at the expense of the student and parents/guardians pursuant to Ohio law, including Revised Code Section 3313.642. Failure to pay for damaged, lost, or stolen equipment may result in the withholding of grades and credits and other consequences as permitted by law. By signing the agreements, you are committing to pay for any lost, damaged, or stolen equipment.

The equipment is the property of Metro, and there is no right to privacy with regard to the equipment. The equipment and its contents, including browsing history, documents, pictures, files, and any other information or content on the equipment may be monitored and/or inspected at any time by Metro.

Liability Agreement (agreement through the registration process each school year)

I agree to assume the responsibility and liability for any inappropriate or illegal acts by my student using this equipment. These inappropriate uses include, but are not limited to, software licensing violations, software piracy, and inappropriate or illegal activities carried out in part or whole using email, online chat, online forums, or the Internet. Metro does not bear any responsibility or liability for inappropriate or illegal use of this computer. I further agree that my student has no right of privacy in the use of this computer and that I will assure its immediate return upon request.

I agree that I am responsible for the full cost of replacing the device, any of its accessories, or any of its software in the event of loss or theft and that I am responsible for costs associated with the repair of damage, whether from accident, negligence or any other cause including unreasonable wear and tear. Replacement costs: iPad - $375 including case, MacBook Air - $1000. *

* Note: Replacement costs may be covered under your Homeowner’s or Renter’s insurance. Additional insurance coverage is available for purchase from a third-party vendor at https://my.worthavegroup.com/metroschool. Metro provides this information as a service to you and not as an endorsement of the company, its products, or services. Should you opt to purchase insurance, the agreement is between you and Worth Avenue; Metro cannot act as an intermediary.