College Night

College 101 for High School Students

We will be diving into all the things parents and students should be thinking about regarding the college decision making process. On the agenda for the evening we will be covering: what are colleges looking for, deciding on a college that fits, the application and admissions process, and a breakdown of what your student should be doing based on their grade level.

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College 101 for Middle School Students

We will be exploring the different things students can be doing starting in middle school to ensure a bright future through high school and into college. Some of the topics that will be covered are: programs to consider, utilizing advancement opportunities, exploring interests, MIT vs. MECHS, and parental tips to encourage exploration.

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Tools for Career Exploration

During this session we will explore the various tools and resources to help students select a major and career. Students will be given ideas on how to create a resume, locate volunteer and internship experiences, find a college major & career in which they might enjoy.

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Understanding and Using your PSAT scores

Students in grades 9, 10 and 11 took the PSAT in October and received their scores in January. Now what? In this session you will learn what your scores mean and how use them to prepare for the SAT. Ms. Mechling will show you how to connect your PSAT scores with Khan Academy for individualized practice.

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An Inside Look at the Common Application

In this session Michele Brown will give you the inside scoop on how college admissions officers read your applications. You’ll also get a first hand look at the Common Application. The Common Application is one application used by more than 600 colleges.

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Early College at Metro

Let’s talk about Early College at Metro! Who do you talk with for more information? What does Early College mean? Where can you take college classes? When will you be ready? Why would you want to participate? Come and get the answers to all of your questions.

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ACT vs SAT – What’s the Difference?

A representative from The Princeton Review will guide you through the difference between the SAT and ACT and discuss available resources that students can use to help put together an individualized plan for taking these high stakes tests. You’ll learn the structure of the tests and get introduced to some basic strategies.

Financial Aid Basics

The Financial Aid Overview session will include explaining important financial aid terminology, reviewing the FAFSA process, discussing sources for financial aid (institutional, federal and private), and navigating the timing of submission of information. The information will be presented in a general format that will be applicable to any institution your student will be considering in the future.

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