Welcome to MIT

Beginning in the fall of 2015 Metro will pilot a new high school. This new addition to the Metro family will be called MIT – Metro Institute of Technology. MIT is being developed through a partnership with both Franklin University and Columbus State. Located on the campus of Franklin University in Philips Hall, this is a very exciting endeavor because it will provide a host of new possibilities for Metro students and families.

Expansion has allowed Metro to extend our reach to more families. As a newly designated STEM School within the State of Ohio, MIT will offer a rigorous curriculum, while enhancing the quantity and quality of 21st century leadership skills we offer our students.

  • Computer Science
  • Information Technology
  • Manufacturing
  • Medical Technician
  • Engineering Science

MIT is a 5 year Career Tech Program. Students attending MIT will have the opportunity to earn stackable credentials within each of the career pathways.

MetroTECH: Career Exploration, College Access

Year% of time with MIT Instructors% of time with CSCC Faculty% of time in Internship
1st Year75%15%10% (career exploration)
2nd Year50%40%10% (career exploration)
3rd Year30%45%25%
4th Year5%70%25%
5th Year5%70%25%