Metro Early College High School

Metro Early College High School is a small, intellectually vibrant, Ohio public STEM high school open to students in the state of Ohio. It is an early college program focused on problem-based learning with an emphasis on STEM learning practices (science, technology, engineering and math).

Metro’s mission is turning college aspirations into reality through personal relevance, academic rigor and transformative relationships.

Metro students engage in a personally relevant and academically rigorous curriculum, which allows them to complete high school coursework at an accelerated pace and access professional internships and college coursework before graduation.

Metro is a state of Ohio public STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) high school. Initially serving students from 16 participating school districts, Metro now serves students from 29 different school districts all over the state.

MECHS – Curriculum Night Fall 2017

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Metro – OSU College Credit Plus

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J-Term 2017 MECHS Info Session

This presentation contains information about the concentrated five week term at Metro known as J-Term.


MECHS Information Session Presentation

Information Sessions for Metro Early College High School and Metro Institute of Technology are scheduled for Tuesday, November 28 at 6pm at 303 S Grant Street; Saturday, December 2 at 10am at 1929 Kenny Road; and Thursday, December 7 at 6pm at 1929 Kenny Road. No registration is necessary. Application deadline for fall 2018 enrollment is Saturday, February 17.


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2015 – 2016 MECHS Orientation Presentation  

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