Registration Troubleshooting

During the student registration process, some issues may arise.  Here are some troubleshooting steps and actions to consult to assist during these issues.

Unable to Login

  • Please use the email address that is on file that was used to create your account last year.  This can be changed later in the process.  Or, use the option at the bottom of the screen to login with a cell phone number.
  • If you do not remember your password, please click the Forgot Password link below the Sign In button.  

Incorrect Birthdate

The student's birthday cannot be changed within the registrations system.  If the birthday needs to be changed, please upload the birth certificate when asked and email Betty Marshall at marshall@themetroschool.org letting her know that the birthdate is wrong.


The sibling's section can be skipped by selecting zero (0) in the drop-down option.  The question regarding sibling is not information that Metro needs at this time.  You do not need to include this information.  


  • Some of the required information for contacts may not be able to be edited.  Please click the Remove Contact to add the new information.
  • Only the Phone 1 Number is required for each contact. To remove the requirement delete all numbers from the Phone Number field and set the Phone Type to "-Select-".
  • Duplicate phone numbers cannot exist between contacts.

Upload Documents

Visit this help web page for uploading documents.