One of the ways you can track your student’s progress is through our online student information system called PowerSchool. Instructions for setting up your account:

Go to https://ps-metro.metasolutions.net/public

There is a prompt on the page to create a PowerSchool account — do that and select whatever you want for your username and password. In the student information part, enter your child’s name, the Access ID and Access PW provided by the school, and your relationship to the student (mother, father, etc). 

If you have more than one student at Metro, enter all the names, Access IDs and passwords. Once your account is set up, you will be able to toggle between your students to view all their progress on your parent account. Be sure to click on "submit" at the bottom when done.

You should receive a message that you successfully created an account, and you can log in with the username and password you created. Once you’ve logged in, you will see a grid of your student’s classes, the teacher, and the current grade. Anything that’s in blue can be “clicked” on to see more detail. For instance, if you click on the grade for the class, you will get a list of the assignments and the scores to date. 

Other information available:

  • Grades and Attendance for the current semester
  • Grade history shows previous semester grades
  • Attendance History
  • Teacher Comments
  • Balance (shows all fee transactions for the year and balance due, if any) 
  • My Calendars allows you to subscribe to email progress reports

Students are given their own login information so they can monitor their progress as well.