Courses & Curriculum

Metro Early College High School Curriculum is divided into two phases: Core Prep and College Access. Each student receives a personalized learning plan to target successfulness in both phases.

Core Prep Phase

During the Core Prep Phase 9th and 10th grade students prepare for and explore the different areas of learning such as mathematics, science, social studies and language arts. As the students demonstrate performances in these areas they acquire the skills necessary to complete their Ohio Graduation Tests. In addition to this the students participate in design challenges where they investigate solutions to real world problems. These design challenges help showcase their ability to work individually as well as with others.

College Access

Upon successful demonstration of Mastery in the Core Prep Phase students move into a learning environment that focuses on learning outside of school walls. This involves taking learning centers (located under About Metro tab), college courses at either Ohio State or Columbus state, and participating in an internship. The students choose what they take based off what curriculum they take interest in. While the Core Prep focuses on capacity building, the College Access focuses on practical experiences, skill development, social maturity, critical thinking, and responsibility.

How We Operate

Metro operates on a Mastery-based system. This means that in order to receive credit for a class the student must attain a 90% or higher. There are opportunities to remediate or retake classes if this benchmark is not met. Metro classes are given in long blocks of time to help develop strong student/teacher relationships, motivate deep inquiry, and to help students prepare for college classes. Each student participates in advisory ensuring they have an adult to serve as their advocate and also to provide extensive feedback.