Code of Conduct

Parents and students are required to agree to Metro's Student Code of Conduct each year during registration. The Code of Conduct can be found at the end of the Student/Parent Handbook document. A downloadable copy is located in the left column of this page under "Related Documents." We recommend that you review the Code of Conduct with your student on an annual basis before you click to agree in the registration form. 

A major component of Metro's educational program is to prepare students to become responsible citizens by learning how to conduct themselves properly and in accordance with established standards. Students are expected to behave in accordance with Federal, State and local laws; all rules, Board policies and Administrative Guidelines; and in a way that respects the rights and safety of others. Staff will take corrective action to address a student and/or to modify the student's behavior when it does not fall within these parameters.

School staff may report suspected criminal misconduct by a student to law enforcement. Law enforcement officers will be permitted to carry out necessary functions in the school, including the removal of a student from school grounds in appropriate circumstances.

Student Conduct Statistics
School YearOccurrences of bullying, harassment or intimidation reported
2018-2019 5
2019-2020 6