Metro School Safety Notice

Dear Metro Families,

In light of the recent events that occurred in Florida, we have received a few inquires about our specific safety protocols and procedures. I am not sending out our specific safety procedures as I feel that this might compromise the integrity of the plan.

Please know that all of your concerns are valued. I cannot even fathom what the students, teachers and families of Parkland, Florida are dealing with, and I pray that we never have to.  Though we review our protocols and procedures every school year, the circumstances at Parkland make us take a second look. We are in the process of reviewing and making changes where necessary on some of our own safety procedures. If a procedure changes, we believe that this change adds greater security than its previous counterpart.

It may be helpful for you as a parent to understand that Metro teachers have been CRASE trained and asked to think about safety in these particular ways:

  • Shelter in place
  • Lockdown
  • Lockdown/Retreat

The particular circumstance of the threat dictates the response of the adults in the building(s).

Metro Schools are in very unique positions: high schools that sit within college campuses. As each school is an early college with relationships to each of the partnering colleges, we have students coming and going throughout the day for many reasons (research, internships, college/high school classes, volunteering, tours, etc.).  Our best line of defense is for all of us to remain vigilant. Remind your student not to open the doors for visitors, not to prop doors open and report any suspicious talk or activity (whether in person or online) immediately to an adult.

Thank you for your continued partnership and support.

Meka Pace, Superintendent

Metro Schools







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