Strengthen your college application over the summer!

College admissions counselors will tell you that a “productive summer” can enhance your opportunities for admission. Interesting and meaningful experiences are definitely among the best ways to stand out in a crowd. On many college applications, there is a space to list and describe your summer activities. College admissions counselors want to know that you have spent your summers productively.

 EMPLOYMENT: Many college admissions officers place a high value on work experiences. Students often learn important lessons on-the-job that make their way into interesting college application essays

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Becoming an entrepreneur is another option. Some students launch their own website or computer-related businesses. Others teach music, tutor, or start their own service business such as: dog walking, pet sitting, house cleaning, home maintenance or video production.

INTERNSHIPS: Internships are wonderful opportunities for students to gain valuable experience and explore potential careers.   An unusual internship or job can make you memorable to an admissions officer.

SUMMER CAMP: Working or volunteering, as a camp counselor, swim instructor or a CIT during the summer can be a worthwhile summer experience. The challenges of successfully interacting with staff and campers can be good material for college admission essays.

COMMUNITY SERVICE: Many community service opportunities can be pursued during the summer months.

ACADEMIC ENRICHMENT: There are many opportunities to take courses during the summer months.  This is also a good time to take ACT/SAT prep classes if you are trying to raise your score!

 MINORITIES: Black Excel ( has a list of programs in various locations.

ENVIRONMENTAL ENTHUSIASTS: Check out the American Hiking Society’s Volunteer Vacations and programs offered by the Student Conservation Corps.

TEEN TOURS AND TRAVEL: While some trips include a community service component, keep in mind that the experience will generally need to be special and transforming to make a difference for college

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