Metro Update: April 28, 2014

Metro Middle School Expanding

We are pleased to announce that the Metro Middle School program will be expanding to include additional students next fall. We are opening admissions to more 6-8 grade students, so if you know families that would like to apply, encourage them to do so now.

Student interviews are being scheduled for the evenings of May 6 and May 8 for new middle schoolers being offered placement through our lottery. If you and/or your middle school child would like to participate on interview teams either evening, contact Mrs. Burgett to volunteer. Students will receive service hours for their time.


OSU Academy Applications Due May 1

Thursday, May 1st is the OSU-Metro program application deadline for students who would like to be considered for their first OSU class this fall. Students should have the on-line application completed and all supplemental materials to Mrs. Kemp before end of day Thursday. This is a university deadline, so no late applications can be accepted. If students have all parts of the application but are waiting for teacher recommendations, please submit materials by Thursday and see Mrs. Kemp for follow up with faculty regarding recommendations.

ACT for 2nd Year Students

Metro would like to encourage current 2nd year students who have completed the majority of their 18 Core Academic Courses by the end of the year to consider taking the ACT in either June or September of this year. Students completing English 12, Pre-Calculus, and their final Science course this Spring are well-positioned to excel on the ACT.  Visit the ACT website ( for more information on how to register and how to prepare for the exam or see Ms. Mechling with any questions. Test dates and registration deadlines are as follows:

June 14 test: May 9 deadline. Late registration May 10-23 with late fee.
Sept. 13 test: Aug. 9 deadline. Late registration Aug. 9-22 with late fee.
History Students Host Special Guest Speaker 

In collaboration with the Columbus Jewish Federation, Metro will host Holocaust Survivor John Koeningsberg as a guest speaker on Wednesday 4/30 from 9-10:30am. Current American History students will be in attendance as well as other interested strudents. For further information, see or email Mr. Neugebauer at  

Red Cross Blood Drive Tomorrow

The last blood drive of the school year will be tomorrow from 11am-5pm at Metro. Appointments are still available from 3:30-4:45pm, so we invite interested adults to join us. Contact Ms. Hogue ( for details. The attached letter includes additional details. If you do not want your student to participate, you may opt out by completing and submitting the attached form.

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