photo 2Welcome to the MetroThon’s official page. In here you will find out about what MetroThon is and how you can help.

MetroThon Comics drawn by student Lawrence Williamson III.


What is MetroThon? MetroThon is a dance marathon that raises money for Children’s hospital for Leukemia cancer research.

photo 3


(Student’s preforming the line dance that they learn to use to end the MetroThon.)

Where is it? It will be featured at Metro Early College High School.

How can I help? Before the event our students and staff will be fundraising to reach a set goal each year.  By donating money to the students fundraising page it allows them to raise money for the cause. Since 2010 the student’s and teachers have raised over $50,000 dollars towards leukemia cancer.

photo 4b

(Image of student’s showing total fund raised)

Why should you attend? It is not only a social time for the students and staff to have fun after long days and hours of working, but its also a time to show awareness of cancer and why the student’s and staff attend the MetroThon each year.

photo 1photo 1b

(Two of our guest that are leukemia cancer survivor’s)


How do the students get started? The student’s will sign up for the MetroThon in their advisory’s a few months after their first day at metro. The teachers and upperclassmen students will help the younger grades with the process of making their account in order to participate in the MetroThon.

An Opinion from a student:

“Honestly the MetroThon is a special event not only to the student’s, staff, and parents of the student’s but its also important to the cancer survivor’s. By raising the money that we give to the hospital’s along with the amount of money the BuckeyeThon raises. It contributes a lot to the research that is needed to cure Leukemia cancer in order for the people effected to keep living their lives to the fullest. The MetroThon is not only a place for fun, but a place for hope. The students and staff aren’t just good people for raising the money, but are compassionate and put their heart and soul into the MetroThon. They are the embodiment of what Metro has to offer all together. A school that is together and unified to the end.”

Here is more information on the MetroThon: MetroThon iMovie