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The Metro Learning Experience

At Metro, we are preparing students for life after High School.  Our courses are selected to give them the tools they need in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

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Expansion to Reconstruction

This middle school level course is a combination of Language Arts and Social Studies. Students will progress through specific Common Core Language Arts goals using nonfiction, fiction, writing, language and communication. These skills will be taught and reinforced by using Ohio Social Standards about the American History of Westward Expansion through The Reconstruction after the American Civil War.

Greeks and Romans

This class is a combination of language arts and social studies. This class uses the common core middle school language arts standards and the Ohio content standards for social studies. The language arts components focus on reading strategies for fiction and non-fiction, vocabulary, the writing process and speaking and listening skills. The social studies component of this class focuses on the Ancient Greek and Romans, their major wars, major figures, daily life, and contributions to today's society.

English 9: College Reading and Writing - 1 English Credit

English 9 provides an opportunity for students to improve upon competencies in reading, writing, speaking, and listening. This course focuses on the development of reading strategies that help students negotiate through various types of academic texts both expository and narrative. Students leave this class more effective, thoughtful, strategic readers. Students read and write frequently and plentifully. Students continue to acquire the fundamentals of grammar and broaden their vocabulary. Students develop their abilities with language and communication through reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

English10: College Writing and Reading- 1 English Credit

English 10: College Writing and Reading- 1 English credit English 10 provides students with opportunities to both read and write about a variety of subjects, and to demonstrate an awareness of audience, author’s intent, and purpose. From essays to short stories, writing is both analytical and creative, with intensive focus on the writing process; students explore expository, analytical, and argumentative writing styles. The goal of this class is to help students develop a personal academic voice. Students produce and revise multiple drafts of essays, practice essential skills of paragraph organization, and develop techniques of critical analysis and research. Readings are derived from a range of texts in literature, the media, and academic disciplines. Assignments take on many forms including responses to readings, personal narrative response papers, and formal academic essays.

English 11: Literature and Composition - 1 English Credit

English 11 provides students opportunities to develop their skills in reading, thinking, writing, listening, and speaking through in-depth study of international literature in a variety of genres and through researching informational materials. Students evaluate and interpret a variety of literature and poetry while discussing such elements as character development, plot, imagery, figurative language, theme, paradox, setting, the short story, narrative poetry, form, and rhyming patterns. Students read from a variety of literary genres to broaden their perspectives, to understand the universality of the human experience, and to enhance their abilities to interact intelligently with others as world citizens.

English 12: Language and Composition - 1 English Credit

English 12 provides students opportunities to refine skills in reading and critical thinking, as well as opportunities to communicate in both writing and oral presentation for a variety of purposes and audiences. Students are expected to recognize and apply a variety of literary concepts to the readings and to evaluate an author’s intention and style. They also analyze literature, media, and contemporary issues considering purpose, devices, and format. Longer creative writings and essays are produced to show a mastery of grammar and usage as well as a full and clear development of ideas. Students participate in discussions, presentations, and projects relating to course material.

OSU Coursework

Metro students are generally advised to take GE (General Education) courses at The Ohio State University, because those courses are required for most majors and will typically transfer to other colleges/universities.