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At Metro, we are preparing students for life after High School.  Our courses are selected to give them the tools they need in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

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Research Internship - 1 Internship Credit

The Research Internship course provides opportunities for students to apply the knowledge and skills gleaned though their classroom courses in a professional work setting. It also provides students with an opportunity to explore professional career fields prior to selecting a college major. Based on interests, students are placed at an internship site for a minimum of 120 hours per term. Students and their mentors identify a research topic directly related with the work and goals of the internship organization, and one that provides a service to the organization. Students conduct research that is communicated though an exhibition at the end of the trimester. Writing is an important component of this course in documenting and communicating quantitative and qualitative research data, results and recommendations. Students also develop an electronic portfolio of their written work.